Talent Management

There is no secret that we are passing through a revolution of information. Among the other major steps made in the economical and social history, such as the agriculture or industrial revolutions, this one is the most dynamic and requires the most significant changes but to be made in a much shorter time. Nowadays, companies are starting to reconsider the human resources role and the importance of knowledge, know-how and information.

HR evolved from a simple recruitment and payment function to a self being department and then to a strategic partner, and became one of the most valuable assets of a successful company.

While the organizations struggled to adjust to change the economical crisis appeared making the process even more difficult to happen. The crisis caused capital losses and that implicates also human resources losses. Companies have to face now the problem of choosing the right people in order to survive the crisis and also keep the expenses as low as possible.

A solution to these problems consists in using a talent management strategy. Talent management implies recognizing a person’s inherent skills, traits, personality and offering him a matching job. This way, the company makes sure that it benefits of each employee capacities at full potential and the employee is satisfied with his work and contributes to the company growth.

Talent management brings benefits to the company such as: increased productivity, a better linkage between individuals’ efforts, commitment of valued employees, reduced turnover, a balance between people’s jobs and skill, and also to the employee: higher motivation and commitment, career development, sustained motivation and job satisfaction.

It is a fact that it is the human resource – a talented one – that can provide competitiveness in the long run for the company. So, it is the duty of the HR department to nurture a brigade of talented workforce which can win the war in the business field.

*Talent Management is the theme of my bachelor paper.

**This is an article written for Hudson Romania’s newsletter. (I don’t know yet if it will appear in the newsletter or not)

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